It all started with a dream. A dream to follow our passion, a dream to explore our creative horizons, and a dream to deliver joy. 


With all the baby steps that we could take, we embarked on a chocolicious journey some 1.5 years ago. Soon, with the tremendous love and appreciation from our fans, we grew into the gourmet world too. Passion Chocolicious and Passion Gourmet have been our journals through those wonderful journeys.


Soon, we knew we wanted to deliver a lot more with our passion and creativity, which lead us to our

new venture : THE CAKE LOVE! 


We are The Cake Love - a totally personalized, home-based, yet very professional cake and confectionery company. All our delicacies are 100% EGGLESS, freshly baked to order and customized for your occasions. 


At TCL, we believe each cake is a celebration of life, and deserves to be memorable! Be it a birthday, engagement, wedding, anniversary, baby shower, christening ceremony.. OR you are just craving cake, we would love to bake it for you! 


As Julia Child says - " A party without a cake is just a meeting". So here we are, to help you convert that meeting into a wonderful party, with our delicious range of baked goodies, and totally personalized, unique designs! 


With all the cake love,

Team TCL