Themed Cakes​


Our USP : Each cake is a celebration of life, and deserves to be memorable! Be it a birthday, engagement, wedding, anniversary, baby shower, christening ceremony.. you name it, we "theme" it! All our cakes are totally personalized to your occasion, and hence very unique.

Classic Cakes​


Rich creamy cakes are always welcome at every celebration. We give a twist to the classic layer cakes and add our own luscious fillings to them, always a winner for every occasion!




These petite treats are perfect for a snack as well as portion-controlled celebrations! Have them plain as muffins, or with a frosting of your choice.So, did you have your cupcake today?


Tea Cakes​


 Have a slice as breakfast with your coffee, or just as a snack with your afternoon tea, you will never run out of flavors to try from our tea cakes!